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Willy Loman A Tragic Hero free essay sample

This paper complexities and thinks about the character of Willy Loman in Arthur Millers play, Death of a Salesman, and Aristotles meaning of a sad saint in Poetics. This paper centers around the character of Wily Loman and discovers how the man fits the depiction of a sad saint as given by Aristotle in his book, Poetics. Willy Loman is the main character of Arthur Millers play named Death of a Salesman which showed up in 1949. The creator of this paper feels that Willy Loman can't recognize reality and figment. Utilizing models from the play, the creator shows how Loman feels that he and his child are fruitful representatives yet in actuality he is a frail individual who is unequipped for transforming his fantasies into the real world. Aristotle likewise plainly said that an unfortunate legend was not somebody who brought incident upon himself through some mishap. For instance while Brutus was a shocking saint, Julius Caeser himself can't be ordered as one in light of the fact that the last as murdered by those whom he had trusted while the previous vestiges himself as a result of a progression of blunders. We will compose a custom exposition test on Willy Loman: A Tragic Hero or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page In this manner unmistakably a heartbreaking legend is the person who submits arrangement of missteps and in this way eventually ruins himself and meets an unfortunate end. Willy Loman too didn't get self-destructive out of nowhere, he submitted grave mistakes structure time to time since he neglected to recognize the significance of difficult work and in this manner at long last met a heartbreaking demise which was increasingly an aftereffect of living in a symbolism world than all else.

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Argumentative Essays About Eating Disorders

Argumentative Essays About Eating DisordersArguing about eating disorders is a personal issue. But if you don't discuss it, you might as well be ignoring it. So we have to discuss it anyway. So here are some essays about eating disorders, theses are your homework assignments.As the title suggests, this is a good essay about eating disorders. The student is required to argue that living with anorexia or bulimia is not good. She must then argue that the effects of such a disorder are not just physical.This is an essay about eating disorders and their negative effects on a person's life. The student must demonstrate how these disorders take away everything in her life and how they can prevent a person from achieving goals. In this case, the essay will be argued that her life would be better without eating disorders.This is another essay about various essay topics. The student must choose between either eating disorders or depression as her topic of choice. To prove her point, she must p rovide links to factual data, statistics, and expert statements.This essay is about anorexia and its detrimental effects on a person's life. The student is required to use the information provided in the essay as proof to support her point. She must also discuss with facts and figures, the negative effects of this disorder. And finally, she must support the conclusion by providing links to other resources.This essay is about anorexia and eating disorders. The student is required to demonstrate that people with eating disorders to live a less than desirable life. She must then discuss the lifestyle choices people with eating disorders make when they are in an unhealthy relationship. The student must show why those unhealthy lifestyle choices are unacceptable and why people should avoid them. She must also discuss the lifestyle choices made by those who do not have eating disorders.This essay is about anorexia and a number of other essay topics. In the subject line, the student is ask ed to identify the topic of the essay. Then, the student must find the links from the resource box, demonstrating her point.This essay is about eating disorders and the possible effects that the disorder has on the person's life. The student is required to use the information from the essay to explain the effects of these disorders on a person's life. She must then support her point with other sources of information.

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How to Save Money When Using a Cheap Term Paper Writing Service

How to Save Money When Using a Cheap Term Paper Writing ServiceIt is necessary to have a cheap term paper writing service for your student writing needs. It would be very hard for you to get the work done on your own and if you want it to be good then you should also do it yourself.With a cheap writing service, you will have better chances of getting the papers finished in a short period of time. There are many people who think that when they hire an online writing service that they are getting a low quality product. This is not true at all.A good cheap term paper writing service can give you top-notch quality work. It also ensures that your students know their assignment as well as they do. You can either have a write up by the team or let them get the instructions from a resource guide.You need to keep in mind that no matter how good your paper is you need to have your students study and give you feedback. With the advent of social networking sites and online project based learning , students find it easy to share their comments and ideas with other students. This gives them the confidence that they can get high grades from their coursework.One great web based word processing system that can help you is made by Morpho Forms. This allows your students to put in the same material that they used to in their assignment and then ask you questions, feedback and get assignments. All you need to do is get your students to log in to the site and give you permission.Cheap term paper writing service can help you save lots of money in the long run. You can get the work done as often as you like without worrying about having to pay extra fees. The internet has made online teaching and education very affordable for many.As you look for a cheap term paper writing service, always compare the prices that you receive with the charges that you expect to pay in the long run. You will have to choose a company that will guarantee your work online with them as well. Make sure that t hey are able to provide you with the required services that you are looking for.If you are interested in saving money while using a cheap term paper writing service, you should try to go with those companies that offer some sort of promotion fee. You can usually get a lower price with them than you can get from other companies. It is always a good idea to get as many quotations as possible before deciding on a provider.

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The Milky Way Galaxy What We Know About It

When we stare up into the heavens on a clear night, away from light pollution and other distractions, we can see a milky bar of light that spans across the sky. This is how our home galaxy, the Milky Way, got its name, and its how it looks from the inside. The Milky Way is estimated to span between 100,000 and 120,000 light-years from edge to edge and contains between 200 and 400 billion stars. Galaxy Type Studying our own galaxy is difficult since we cant get outside of it and look back. We have to use clever tricks to study it.  For instance, we look at all parts of the galaxy, and we do so in all available radiation bands. The radio and infrared bands, for instance, allow us to peer through regions of the galaxy that are filled with gas and dust and see stars that lay on the other side. X-ray emissions tell us about where the active regions are and visible light shows us where the stars and nebulae exist. We then use various techniques to measure the distances to various objects and plot all of this information together to get an idea of where stars and gas clouds are located and what structure is present in the galaxy. Initially, when this was done the results pointed to a solution that the Milky Way was a spiral galaxy. Upon further review with additional data and more sensitive instruments, scientists now believe that we actually reside in a subclass of spiral galaxies known as barred spiral galaxies. These galaxies are effectively the same as normal spiral galaxies except for the fact that they have at least one bar passing through the bulge of the galaxy off which the arms extend. There are some, however, that claim that while the complex barred structure favored by many is possible, that it would make the Milky Way quite different from other barred spiral galaxies that we see and that it might be possible that we instead live in an irregular galaxy. This is less likely, but not outside the realm of possibility. Our Location in the Milky Way Our solar system is located about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the galaxy, between two of the spiral arms. This is actually a great place to be. Being in the central bulge would not be preferential as the star density is much higher and there is a significantly higher rate of supernovae than in the outer regions of the galaxy. These facts make the bulge less safe for long term viability of life on planets. Being in one of the spiral arms is not all that great either, for much the same reasons. The gas and star density is much higher there, increasing the chances of collisions with our solar system. Age of the Milky Way There are various methods that we use to estimate the age of our Galaxy. Scientists have used star dating methods to date old stars and found some as old as 12.6 billion years (those in the globular cluster M4). This sets a lower bound for the age. Using cooling times of old white dwarfs gives a similar estimate of 12.7 billion years. The problem is that these techniques to date objects in our galaxy that would not have necessarily been around at the time of galaxy formation. White dwarfs, for instance, are stellar remnants created after a massive star dies. So that estimate does not take into about the lifetime of the progenitor star or the time it took for form said object. But recently, a method was used to estimate the age of red dwarfs. These stars live long lives and are created in large quantities. So it follows that some would have been created in the early days of the galaxy and would still be around today. One has recently been discovered in the galactic halo to be about 13.2 billion years old. This is only about half a billion years after the Big Bang. At the moment this is our best estimate of our galaxys age. There are inherent errors in these measurements as the methodologies, while backed up with serious science, are not completely bulletproof. But given the other evidence available this seems a reasonable value. Place in the Universe It was long thought that the Milky Way was located at the center of the Universe. Initially, this was likely due to hubris. But, later, it seemed that every direction we looked everything was moving away from us and we could see the same distance in every direction. This led to the notion that we must be in the center. However, this logic is faulty because we dont understand the geometry of the Universe, and we dont even understand the nature of the boundary of the Universe. So the short of it is that we dont have a reliable way to tell where we are in the Universe. We may be near the center - though this is not likely given the age of the Milky Way relative to the age of the Universe - or we may be nearly anywhere else. Though we are fairly certain that we are not near an edge, whatever that even means, were not really sure. The Local Group While, in general, everything in the universe is receding away from us. This was first noticed by Edwin Hubble and is the foundation of Hubbles Law. There are a group of objects that are close enough to us that we gravitationally interact with them and form a group. The Local Group, as it is known, consists of 54 galaxies. Most of the galaxies are dwarf galaxies, with the two larges galaxies being the Milky Way and the nearby Andromeda. The Milky Way and Andromeda are on a collision course and are expected to merge into a single galaxy a few billion years from now, likely forming a large elliptical galaxy.

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Essay about Physical Security - 660 Words

Physical Security Physical security could be thought of as a very important piece of security. Just because you apply many different policies to have a lockdown on the software environment, it doesn’t mean that people are not able to just go in and inflict damage upon your network. Physical security is the measures to prevent or deter attackers from trying to gain access into the facility. With FTD Enterprises they have none to barely any physical security in place. The most security that they have is a locked door, which is also seen to be open during the night. In the RFP it stated they have been robbed a couple of times, in which there was no destruction that shows a struggle in breaking in. This deems that they have overlooked†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¢ No explicit rules on hardware usage. †¢ Employees bring their own external peripherals into work. Only restriction is that they remove flash drives and floppies before computer restart. †¢ No front desk clerk. †¢ No security. †¢ Back and side entrances open most of the day. †¢ Janitors are outsourced and get roaming freedom at night. In which all doors are open with no restriction. There are many things that we suggest in the change of FTD’s physical security. First things first they need to have a fence surrounding the building, especially if there is a competitor just driving distance from their locations. They need a drastic improvement on lighting outside the building, and to go with this they would need to install cameras around the perimeter to have an external threat alarm to be fully functional. To stop the security threat of an internal attack on our physical hardware, we suggest that cameras be inserted in spots with a better vantage point in identifying the culprit. FTD needs to stop the outsourcing of janitors, janitorial employees should be employed and have to go a thorough background check. A minimum of 2 during the day and 2 during the night, the night shift janitorial staff shall be the ones who have a longer history and a clean background check. No employee shall bring in their own hardware to upgrade the facilities workstation or so that they will be able to use their own machinesShow MoreRelatedPhysical Security2128 Words   |  9 PagesPhysical Security Table of Contents INTRODUCTION III ELEMENTS AND DESIGN III EXAMPLES OF PHYSICAL SECURITY III PHYSICAL SECURITY ELECTRONIC ACCESS III CASINOS AND GAMING III EDUCATION III TRANSPORTATION III Goggle Search iii Dictionary Search iii Introduction This paper examines Physical Security from the perspective of perimeter such as gates/guards, building access controls, room access controls, enforcement options, auditing approaches, risk determination for physicalRead MorePhysical Security Principles958 Words   |  4 PagesPhysical Security Principles Paula L. Jackson CJA/585 June 7, 2010 Professor Brian Kissinger Abstract Physical safety inside and out depends on the type of physical security that is being used by that facility. How well the buildings security system is being implemented can have an impact on the safety of its patrons and other individuals who frequent the building. Physical Security Principles Safety in numbers has always been a deterrent method when leaving or travelingRead MorePhysical Security And Mental Security Essay1740 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction What is physical security? The protection of personnel, hardware, programs, networks, and data from physical circumstances and events that could cause serious losses or damage to an enterprise, agency, or institutions is defined as physical security. This includes protection from fire, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism. Physical security is designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel from physically accessing a building, facility, resource, or storedRead MoreThe Access Control System For Providing Physical Security1305 Words   |  6 PagesTO PROVIDE PHYSICAL SECURITY? Introduction In the present world, the Access Control System is used in all the places where it is intended that a system should allow the authorized persons to get in or leave the facilities as and when required and also to keep a record about these movements. Basically it determines who is allowed to enter or exit; similarly allowed to exit or enter even with the time when they are allowed to enter or exit. In the past, the same job could have been partially doneRead MoreThe Importance of Physical Security1548 Words   |  7 PagesImportance of Physical Security * Shontay Clark * University of Phoenix * CJA 585 * Bob Riley * May 2, 2011 The Importance of Physical Security Abstract Understanding the importance of physical security rest in acknowledging the two main elements of security; people, and technology  ( Bitzer [Remove the space after the parenthesis] Hoffman,   n.d.). Physical security consistsRead MorePhysical Security Essay905 Words   |  4 PagesMatthew Benson APS 210 12 April 2013 Writing Assignment #2 Physical Security Technology Selection Introduction. Special Operations Security Solutions has developed a physical security plan at the request of a managing business partner. This Physical Security plan was developed for the safeguarding of information requiring protection in the interests of national security. It primarily pertains to classified national security information, now known as classified information, but also addressesRead MoreComponents of Physical Security3352 Words   |  14 PagesComponents of Physical Security Steven Looney Student ID: 4168626 SCMT397 Physical Security Professor Robert D Baker October 25, 2011 Components of Physical Security In physical security, there is no one measure that can fulfill all security needs for any one facility. Therefore, security measures must be designed in layers. According to Lawrence Fennelly â€Å"physical security is the most fundamental aspect of protection, it is the use of physical controls to protect the premises, site, facilityRead MorePaper on Physical Security4674 Words   |  19 PagesRiordan Manufacturing Service Request SR-rm-013 An important consideration of an information or operating system of a business or organization is to have a security system that protects information, data, and integrity of the company’s sensitive information and records. If a business or company does not have adequate security, financial, sensitive, and classified information may be compromised and prone to possible viruses and malware, hacking, or at risk of a cyber-attack to the company’sRead MoreDefinition Of Physical Security Policy Essay802 Words   |  4 PagesPhysical Security Policy 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this policy is to define methods in which WWTC will safeguard against unlawful and unauthorized physical access to its facilities. Additionally, this policy will provide guidance in protecting WWTC facility and assets from fire, flood and other physical threats. 2.0 Scope This policy applies to employees, contractors, consultants, temporaries, and other workers at the World Wide Trading Company, including all personnel affiliated with third partiesRead MorePhysical Security Management ( Mohamed )1790 Words   |  8 PagesPhysical Security Management (Mohamed) Although online businesses conduct majority of their dealings through on an online platform they still require the need to maintain physical security of all the technologies that are responsible for keeping the online platform up and running. Companies such as Google have recognized that passwords and simple bearer tokens such as cookies are not enough to keep information safe, which is why they have suggested technologies such as smartcard-embedded finger

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Summary Of Elizabeth Diazs I Am My Member - 1505 Words

Here are my members in my group: Elizabeth Diaz: She was born in San Francisco, CA to Mexican parents. Automatically made her a US Citizen until this day labeled as full Mexican. Diaz said it was difficult for her to grow up into Mexican Culture, never really fit in. One thing she dislikes the most was people labeled her many racist names. Diaz being a grown woman, she’s proud being Mexican American and learns more about her culture. Ashten Gray: Gray is from Dallas, Texas Lesbian, Graffiti Artist and Marijuana user. She befriended with many people of color and she is White. Brigitte Anne Dionisio: Dionisio was born and grew up in the Philippines, moved to the US with siblings at 11 years old. Her family, both speak Tagalog and English fluently at home, Dionisio said in her culture Family is valuable, and â€Å"That’s what my elders teach us at every generation.† Says Dionisio. She and her family aren’t religious; Dionisio does go to church on Sundays with her family. Birthdays, Holidays, or any occasion, family always get to together everyone has to attend. She is from a huge family, she follows every Filipino tradition. Monthisa Jamara Alton: Born in Sacramento, CA Alton is African American was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist Church was raised in a African American population, her educational experience was different though was different though the same under current of segregation was present Alton interacted and managed a more multicultural environment. She attended

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Features of Legal Regulation of Electronic †

Question: Discuss about the Features of Legal Regulation of Electronic. Answer: Introduction: Among every other profession, the legal profession is considered as a pious and noble profession and the people practicing it are said to hold a strong dogma of ethics and morals in order to put and give an honest and service to the society through the role played by them in their profession. Over time, strict rules regarding the profession have been developed throughout the world. However, in this case, special reference is made regarding the legal norms and ethics which prevail in South Africa, which like those in any other part of the world, are very strict and severe as to their implication and violation respectively. Breach of any professional ethics may even dismiss the practicing licence of the concerned legal practitioner and stuck his name out of the enrolment of names of legal practitioners. One important feature of the rules and ethics of the profession is that they are not mentioned in any legislation and are hence identified on the basis of the ideologies and principles of the senior practicing professionals and guided as per their perspective and outlook. Coming down to the issue of virtual money in South Africa, there is one important aspect which requires to be mentioned giving due importance and mention. The tax legislation in South Africa covers a very vast extent as to its application, and therefore, analysis of every aspect of it would be difficult due to its extensive nature. The current legislation of South Africa although does not make any distinctive and particular provision regarding Bit coin, it has suggested a provision as to the issue stating that the concerned authorities of South Africa have the privilege to to make amendments and alterations in the countrys legislation as they consider it to be convenient and essentia. Every related provision regarding the banking services and the financial services in South Africa include a series of activities which are highly regulated. In this aspect, financial technology has done a great deal in making a significant and distinct challenge to the existing framework. This challenge has been however, accepted by the South African Reserve Bank and initiatives are duly taken to figure them out and meet them. In this aspect it is important to mention that financial technology has a great potential to alter and frame down the existing model of financial and banking working structure, which essentially follows the traditional way of working. Financial technology has a related aspect known as Block Chain which gives a provision to the concerned people according to which the working of the middleman and the associated cost as to his service can be cut short or eliminated from the whole range of activities in this aspect. This system can be disruptive as it has the users have the ability to record the transactions of any person with any other person. As a result of all these aspects, the traditional provisions relating to financial and banking services have become greatly irrelevant and the financial technologies which are based on solutions which are framed upon self service framework which have gained prevalence. Certain risks have been associated with virtual currencies which are figured out by the South African Reserve Bank, and some of them are claimed to be related with the Block Chain technologies. Certain risks associated with this system include risks related to credit and liquidity, stability of price, money laundering risks and customer risks. An important aspect regarding Block Chain system is that, it is not regulated and controlled by a single person and hence, the entire system lacks in a well defined provider of centralised services who could be inquired by any regulator in case of any supervision. An effective study of the entire process gives an assumption that the regulating framework regarding payment can be easily accommodated with the use of the Block Chain services. Some hold the assumptions that similar regulating framework regarding payment processes can be easily synchronised with the use of Block Chain services. Another set of intermediary ideas have been brought by m any researchers which state that the same regulatory framework as followed by the concerned financial technologies are adopted in the Block Chain services. As a consequence to all these factors, if the regulating framework intends to the entire system with the help of a central figure or a well defined management body, such services or programmes shall prove to be insufficient and inadequate, which means that due consideration and analysis is required for the fundamental and philosophical plannings in the system of payment regulation. The various researches regarding the affect and extended popularity of virtual currency has given rise to several hypothesis or ideologies which are needed to be discussed along with the other aspects related to the concept. Virtual currency does not exactly fall under the definition of money or currency in general terms under the ascertained legal perspective. It is more appropriately considered as digital money which is not issued by banks or by any credit insurance, or by any e-commerce institution. The emerging business models are an important factor in making any kind of research analysis regarding virtual currencies. They assess, store and transfer the units of virtual currency. Some of the researches are designed with an entirely different and new technical characteristic with the aim to improve the functioning and working of certain essential ingredients in the ecosystem dealing with virtual currencies. Apart from all these factors, there is a unit called VCS which have grabb ed the attention of a number of international institutions. The research works as made in accordance with VCS bring out the various disadvantages associated with the entire process which include lack of factors like transparency, clarity, and an attitude to continue, highly volatile character and excessive dependency on information technology management. However, the international institutions supporting VCS, after making sufficient research on such related issue have stated that all the researches have brought positive aspects regarding financial innovations and also by providing extra and additional means of providing payment alternatives to the customers. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has issued a report which states that the coming of the issue of virtual currencies have not only emerged as a completely new dimension, but has also attracted the idea of investing in payment infrastructure which is entirely build on their particular working protocols. The main intention behind the working of these new payment mechanisms is providing new methods for transferring transaction and related data over the internet. FATF has brought with it a new aspect of financial innovations; while on the other hand, concepts and services like virtual currency programmes have initiated the matters of money laundering and terrorist financing, giving rise to several money risks and crime risks. The researches have thus, confined the approach regarding virtual currency to only payment, excluding products and services, thus limiting the entire discussions to only payments. He matters regarding virtual money is important in several areas and fields which include those of enforcement of law, tax authorities and regulators of law or legal regulators. They all emphasise the ways and the related methods in which the aspect of virtual money fits into the framework of the above mentioned issues. The legality of virtual money would depend upon the identity of the person and the acts of the particular person regarding the work so done in order to gain of formulate the virtual money. The way to control the use of virtual money and the means to bring their circulation under control has made many legal practitioners and people working in the legal perspective conscious and alert. Also the means to control this issue of virtual money has been put in the forefront of the legal arena with sufficient interest and emphasis given to it. Whether virtual money is legal or not has been answered by many eminent legal practitioners in the most efficient way. Virtual money can acquire the status of legal money and be considered to be legal based on the point and depending upon what its owner is doing with it, or how the owner of the virtual money is utilising it. Virtual money has been ever since the cause of money laundering and law professionals are always concerned about the fact that, currency has a feature of been decentralised. The law authorities of South Africa have made a distinction between decentralised digital currencies like web money, gold, etc and virtual money. Such authorities expressed their concerns that due to the improper regulation of off shore services, an opportunity may be given to the criminals in which they can use the acquired virtual money without been able to be traced. Such use of virtual money can be curbed essentially for fulfilling illegal and illicit initiatives. The virtual money so acquired is largely used for as a popular form of currency while trading in Silk Roads. Silk Roads are anonymous markets a ccess to which can be attained only by browsing networks. The Silk Roads are primarily used for buying and selling of certain goods which are otherwise illegal throughout the world or globally, but are legal in many countries. Such goods include drugs like narcotics. Virtual currency has been named as surrogate currency and a demand or call has been made to curb down its use and its availability as well and bring it in the category of controlled substance[12]. The regulations so put up may be on a nationalised basis or on the sub country level and they vary accordingly. Regulators and law practitioners work both at national and sub country level in order to draw a control over the possession and use of the virtual money. They allot guidelines regarding the way virtual currencies should be actually used and utilised on a welfare motive. Further, under these provisions, the transactions made with virtual currencies are classified as money service business or money transmitting business. In such cases, a distinctive feature called Anti Money Laundering Service is required to be undertaken along with another feature called Know Your Client measures in order to trace the business line and getting to know the people with whom the holders of virtual money are conducting business with. A virtual stockholder is basically of three types. Each holder of virtual money can fall in more than one category and each such category has its own distinct features and its own individual legal considerations. Owners or holders of virtual money either spend them by investing in several businesses, or may hoard the virtual currency. As per the legal provisions dealing with virtual currency, those holders who hold them only for the sale and purchase of goods and services are using it legally. In this aspect, mention is to be given to the finCEN concept or guidance which deals with this issue which says that, any owner of virtual currency who creates a convertible unit of virtual currency which is essentially used for the purpose of buying and purchasing real goods and services, is not exposed to the rules and regulations as a money transmitter, rather, is the one who is the user of convertible virtual currency. However, as per the same concept, those owners or holders of virtual cur rency are actually the ones who create such currency and exchange them for flat notes, are the ones who can be termed as the danger or threat to the entire system or procedure, and are not considered to be safe. This concept further says that a person who owns virtual currency and uses it to make convertible units of such currency, so as to sale those created units of currency to people in exchange of real currency, so as to transmit the money to another location, are termed as money transmitters and pose a serious threat. The miners are considered to fall under this particular category, and they have asked for a real clarification for putting them under such category, which has been duly provided. The third category includes those persons who work as an exchange and accepts the convertible currency which is decentralised, from one person and passes it to another, as a part of the exchange or transfer of the currency in the form of funds, or any other value, which can be substituted in the place of currency. The entire study and analysis made in this project have clearly brought down all the related, virtual and direct aspects of virtual currency. Its main element of Bit coin has elaborately discussed by giving due emphasis on every term and issue related to it. The various ways in which the harmful effects of virtual currency can be duly regulated have also been discussed accordingly. The risks which are associated with regulating and efficiently dealing and regulating virtual currency gave been clearly chalked out. The research hypothesis and the research methodologies so associated have been keenly illuminated giving a spotlight on every research made on this upcoming topic of virtual currency. Lastly, the legal provisions associated with the limitation and control along with the analysis of the concept has been elaborately discussed. Conclusion The reports so made by the legal authorities of South Africa have been evaluated by the jurisdiction of several other countries and held to be apt and appropriate. The prescribed regulations and the given statements have been considered by several government offices who deal with the issues regarding virtual currencies and also by government offices who deal with virtual currency handling in business transactions. The various impacts and consequences are studied and appropriate measures are also reached and further innovations are planned to be achieved with progress of time. References Belloc, H. (1967).On. Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press. Bento, A. and Aggarwal, A. (2013).Cloud computing service and deployment models. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference. Dasgupta, S. (2012).Technical, social, and legal issues in virtual communities. Hershey, Pa.: IGI Global. Hughes, K. (2009).The PLA reader for public library directors and managers. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers. Roth, M., Snell, J. and Blum, P. (n.d.).TechLaw institute, 2015. Stro?h, J. (2017).The esports market and esports sponsoring. Baden-Baden: Tectum Verlag. VanHoose, D. (2011).E-comerce economics. London: Routledge. Mackenzie, R. (1998). Virtual Money, Vanishing Law: Dematerialisation in Electronic Funds Transfer, Financial Wrongs and Doctrinal Makeshifts in English Legal Structures.Journal of Money Laundering Control, 2(1), pp.22-32. Morris, E. (2010). Biosafety regulations in South Africa.African Crop Science Journal, 3(3). Brodbeck, S. (2007). Virtual Money: A New Form of Privately Issued Money in the Money Market.SSRN Electronic Journal. Carre, D. (2009). Virtual Goods Transfers in Virtual Worlds: Legal and Economic Stakes.SSRN Electronic Journal. Kinicki, A. and Fugate, M. (2016).Organizational behavior. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. Roth, M., Snell, J. and Blum, P. (n.d.).TechLaw institute, 2015. , ?. (2016). Features of the legal regulation of of electronic money in Ukraine; civil legal aspect.Theory and practice of jurisprudence, 2(10), p.4. Mackenzie, R. (1998). Virtual Money, Vanishing Law: Dematerialisation in Electronic Funds Transfer, Financial Wrongs and Doctrinal Makeshifts in English Legal Structures.Journal of Money Laundering Control, 2(1), pp.22-32.